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Shikishi Art


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Artworks done on Shikishi Boards, which are blank surfaces traditionally made in Japan by laminating high quality Gasen rice paper to a hardboard backing. The edges are trimmed in gold for that distinctive look.

These artworks are drawn in various media such as pigment ink/brush pen/color pencils, and colored with either Copic markers/watercolor/gouache/acrylic gouache, and embellished with Dr. Ph Martin Pen White, Prismacolor pencils or Jelly Roll Gel Pen.

The boards vary in size, and surfaces range from traditional rice paper to high-grade watercolor paper such as Muse's White Watson ( and Holbein's White Ibis ( Each is a 1/1 unique piece of art, and is not replicated elsewhere.

Each artwork is shipped with a note describing the artwork's theme, medium and surface, and is secured with backing boards and wrapped in a plastic package.

3"x3" SIZE:
Byleth Eisner (Pre-Timeskip)
Claude von Riegan (Pre-Timeskip)
Byleth Eisner (Post-Timeskip)
Claude von Riegan (Post-Timeskip)

4.75"x5.35" SIZE:
Jeralt's Diary
Scheming Duke